GoDaddy Buys Media Temple: Nothing is Changing

GoDaddy bought Media Temple a couple a week ago, more specifically the acquisition happened on Oct 15th 2013.

Not sure how I feel about this, but I love MediaTemple, and at the same time GoDaddy isn’t my favorite when it comes to web hosting, I’ve had some issues with them in the past, and I can’t really recommend GoDaddy’s shared hosting to anyone. However, I know they have the best domain management tools out there.

Also, the guys over at MediaTemple are defending this move by making it clear that GoDaddy‘s polices has been changed a lot, they insists that GoDaddy is a different company right now, and their polices won’t affect MediaTemple’s policies.

MediaTemple will keep processing like it was, with no changes to their plans and views, it’s totally independent company, and they will keep providing great services. The whole acquisition thing is only to provide a finical push.

The question is: How do I know MediaTemple is not going to become like GoDaddy?!